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Characteristics of Laser Engraving Materials

Using a laser machine for cutting and engraving about any material is truly popular today.  DIY people and businesses are realizing the benefits of having a laser in their machine shop or garage.  There are now more people than ever wanting unique or customized engraving gifts and everyday objects. Making items more personalized is very important and it can be incredibly cost-effective too. However, there are a lot of materials for you to play around with when it comes to engraving and you need to understand what materials are easy to work with and which aren’t.


Materials such as plastic can often be a little tricky to work with. The reason why is simply because plastic melts very easily so when you are engraving, the plastic can melt around the engraved area. What is more, if you were to finish the engraving the etching might be less than impressive or what you hoped for. This is again something you have to think about when it comes to using plastic. If you have to use plastic to engrave into then be wary. A co2 laser cutter can be a useful tool to use but you do need to ensure you understand fully how to use the machine.


Ideally, you should look at sticking with a hard wood rather than a soft wood. Oak wood can be perfect simply because it’s strong and very tough so engraving onto this type of wood shouldn’t be an issue. When you engrave you can create a nice finish and if you are useful with craft tools, it can be something which helps in many ways. A laser machine and engraver can work wonders here and you will enjoy how great the finish looks too.

Hard Paper

Despite what you might think, it is very much possible to use a co2 laser cutter to engrave paper! However, you do have to be extremely careful when it comes to paper. Hard paper is a lot better to work with than standard paper you find in printers and crafts stores. Usually, most people won’t have too much trouble with this type of paper and can usually engrave with use. Again you have to be a little wary what settings you are using for this.

Working with Glass

In truth, glass is highly popular today and certainly one material which engravers love! There are lots of simple gifts that can be purchased and made a little more special by engraving so it’s ideal to say the least. However, glass itself is often difficult to work with in terms of engraving. You have to be extremely careful with glass simply because it’s fragile at the best of times. When you apply too much heat from the laser onto the glass, depending on how thick it is, it can actually fracture and break. It’s something you have to be extremely wary of especially since it’s something which could shatter at any given moment. Even when you’re using such a machine and know what you’re doing, you have to be extremely careful to say the least. Always have a few practice runs – and use very low settings to avoid breakage.  Here’s a review of CamFive:  http://www.sidekickperformance.com/camfive-usa-ratings-reviews/.


Engrave Successfully

Doing it by hand is another option.  Engraving a variety of materials with a tool is not as difficult as you might believe. When you have a good and steady hand and some know-how as to what you’re doing, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.  It has never been easier to engrave though by using laser machinery.  And they will help you better enjoy engraving with more precision everyday materials.