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Using a Laser Cutter in an Apartment? Is It Safe?

Laser cutters are now more popular than ever.   These tools are utilized by a variety of hobbyists and businesses including those who’re creative and are into selling arts and crafts. Laser engraving for home use is really taking over and for many they love the idea of using an affordable laser cutter for personal use or small business. However, there are many who worry these machines aren’t safe enough for their apartments.  What will the neighbors or the landlord say?  You cannot blame people why they might think this since co2 laser cutters are often large and can produce some smoke and odors and so firing one up within an apartment, big or small, can be fraught with difficulties. So, the question remains – is a laser cutter safe to operate within an apartment and should you consider using it?

You Must Have a Proper Working Space Set Up

Is it safe to use a laser cutter within your apartment? First, you might want to talk to your landlord.  I think that’s obvious.  But, you don’t want to get stuck after spending $5k+ what you’re going to do if you’re asked to remove it.   As far as safety a desktop laser cutter around 50/60 watts can be more than safe when you have properly set up the machine and have a safe working environment. When you have a spacious area in your apartment or garage to use the machine you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a spot for it.  Most operators place it near a window.   However, if you have limited space then the safety factor can become an issue. You ideally need to have sufficient space to work so that you can keep everyone, including yourself, safe at all times. Without a proper working space you can have trouble.

Fume Extraction System

Also, keep in mind that you may need to have to save some space for a laser fume extractor.  During laser processing you will have some smoke, fumes, and odors to remove.  Most of the time the laser company you buy from will provide a simple fume extraction system that vents all the fumes and debris outside via. an exhaust fan and tubing.  You can use a window or go through the wall or roof.  However, if you don’t have the ability to vent outside then you’ll need a fume extractor that first filters the contaminated air then recirculates it back into the air.  If you plan to process a lot of acrylic or plastic you will definitely need a fume extracting unit since these materials are super strong.

Educate Yourself on Using a Laser Cutter

Laser cutters are not too difficult to use in any way, as long as you know how to carefully use them. Now, you might think laser cutters are easy tools and that you can just go ahead and use them but in truth you need experience. It’s wise to know how the laser cutters work so that you know the proper safety procedures for setting the machine up and using it. Remember, working within smaller spaces can be more challenging especially when you have larger items to cut so you need to give yourself ample room to work. read her latest blog posted at http://www.arcadiaapartmentshotel.com/how-much-ventilation-in-your-apartment-do-you-need-when-using-a-laser-cutter/

How Safe Are Laser Cutters?

laser cutter

China lasers imported via. Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, etc. are notoriously dangerous.  Cheap comes with a price and forums often display upset laser operators who imported a China laser direct.  Bodor is a Chinese based laser company that has reviews to watch for.

To be honest, a lot of people don’t think laser cutters are safe enough to use within a household and it’s easy to understand why. Apartments aren’t always the biggest and working within a confined space can be extremely dangerous to say the least. However, laser cutters can be safe to use within an apartment as long as you offer sufficient ventilation and have a good working environment. For example, if you have a spare room or area within the home that’s dedicated to this type of work then you can have a good working space. However, if you set up the machine in the middle of the living room floor with people coming in and out every so often then it’s not safe. The way you set your laser cutter up and use it will depend on how safe it is to use. learn additional tips straight from the source.

Enjoy Using Your Machines At Home

Desktop laser cutters at home are fantastic tools for hobby or business. You can easily set them up and when you know how to properly work them, they run amazing well.  The price is typically affordable but again I would stay clear of buying cheap and importing from China.  However, when it comes to using a laser cutter within your apartment, you have to make sure there is a proper working environment so that there aren’t any issues whatsoever. Again, keep in mind that you’ll need to exhaust the fumes and odors during processing.  Problems can arise when you don’t prepare your apartment sufficiently enough so take that into consideration. Enjoy using your laser cutting machines at home.  You can review Boss Laser here as well.